[Release] Autovote Tool (Auto Vote Bot) Molten WoW V0.9

January 18, 2013 — 19 Comments

Version 0.9 out!



As anticipated here, a new version of our Autovote Bot has finally arrived!

The primary focus of this release is stability, but we did not forget to add some interesting new features, about which you can read in the changelog as always.

I take this opportunity also to remind you the new policy of the site:

Maybe you have noticed that most of the ads where removed, in fact I’ve removed all of them except for the “banner” one that is on the top-right of all pages.


Anyway, since money does not grow from trees, I’ve implemented some paypal donation form and a “Recognition Wall”, that shows some info about who donates as a sign of gratitude.

All money eventually obtained through donations will serve to cover maintenance costs of site and services, and perhaps (I hope) to rent a more stable server ( I’ve received some gripes about site downtimes: I’m pissed off as much as you, but at the moment I just can’t host it on a better server.)

Moreover, I’m testing a new download system to avoid the use of external Web Hosting sites (like rapidgator, bitshare, rapidshare etc.).

Coming to the facts; you can find this new release at the official page (Here).

Remember that your advices are important and every bug report makes my work better!


Thoughts? Advices? You’re welcome! Comment now!

19 responses to [Release] Autovote Tool (Auto Vote Bot) Molten WoW V0.9

  1. Is it possible for me to change the website that it votes on? For instance HeroesWoW.info rather than Molten? Thanks :)

    • Sadly no, I’m sorry. Every website is a separate story that needs to be studied, parsed, coded and debugged.
      Only the GUI remains the same.

  2. Molten Wow now have a simple captcha to login, it is possible to read from captcha using simple OCR method (edges, black and white)…

    Can you add at least a way to fill in the captcha?

    • No, it doesn’t, check it out:

      It only appears if you enter a wrong username/password several times.

      If so, log-in with a correct username-password from the site and retry, or change your ip (disconnect your router, wait 1 min and then re-connect it) and clean browser’s cookies.

      If they force it in the future I’ll try to add captcha support as soon as possible.

  3. First off, I would just like to say I really appreciate this, thanks a lot!:)
    Now, the last couple of days it has stopped working for me. When I press start voting, it goes on as normal, however, it says I got 0 points before voting and 0 points after voting (on several accounts, which I know got votepoints on them). If you need any more info (screenshots etc) let me know. Hoping for a fix soon!:)
    Thank you.

    • Hello, try this:
      -Disable autostart (if enabled)
      -Delete the whole tool’s folder
      -Reboot your pc
      -Download the tool again

      Let me know!

      • Thank you. Deleted cookies, deleted the toolfolder, rebooted and downloaded again. Works like a a charm now!:) Keep up the good work!

    • Oh, i forgot: try to change your IP too and clean your browser’s cookies.
      To change your ip you just have to power off the router/modem, wait 1 min and turn it back on.

  4. I cannot download the latest version (v0.9) When I try to download it, it says “404 Whoa… you broke the Internet!”. Any help?

  5. Hi dude,

    Your tool is an awesome plus to the lazy people :D. However, I think that they fixed it on Molten’s end. The number of vote points before and after stays the same while I am able to vote on the website(without voting on the mmorpg websites). I have tried to clear cookies and cash, puted the folder in a different path. but still nothing..

    Do you think that you could have a look?

  6. Ughh is the site down?i can not seem to download it =)

  7. Hey,
    I posted on your thread in elitepvpers last year so I’ve been using it quite a while.
    I just wonder if there’s any progress with the new version. I don’t wanna push you, I’d just like you to know that there’s still people out there who use this!
    Actually, they added transmog gear on the vote shop, so this tool is essential! :P

  8. Thanks for working on fixing it

  9. I am still antsy for a working version or an alternative. Thank you for all your work.

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